Privacy Policy

We totally understand that a strong and well defined privacy policy is must for a website. We also have a privacy policy and work according to that privacy policy. In our privacy policy we have clearly defined that we will not use any kind of personal information of our readers for marketing needs.

We are all rights reserved so we can make changes in the privacy policy without any kind of previous notice for our readers.        

Here is the Information we May Required from Our Client

If you want to contact our team for any kind of suggestion you will need to provide us following kind of information.

Privacy Policy for Children: We also have privacy policy for children so we do not collect any kind of contact information from children. If your child by mistake provided us contact details you can contact our team for the concern.

You Name and Email ID: you will need to provide us your email ID and your name so we can reply you regarding the issue and query you are struggling with. We always make sure that we do not use your contact information for any other kind of marketing use. Also we never give you contact information to Colleting Cookies from Web Browsers: Our search bots can collect your browsing history or we can say cookies from your web browsers. We only use that browsing history so we can provide you with more relevant ads and services.

You will never discuss your browsing history with anyone outside out team.